Press Release – Peace of mind for pet owners

Posted on September 30, 2009

PEACE of mind for pet-owners planning to take their beloved animals with them when they move abroad is now being offered by partners in an innovative Sussex business.

For the past decade, St Leonards on Sea based Go Walkabout has offered niche-market personal insurance for folk migrating to Australia or planning go-about holidays there.

But what happens when the cat or dog-lover decides to move overseas and cannot bear the thought of having to say goodbye to a beloved pet?

Up to 15,000 pets a year are flown overseas to join emigrating owners, and
specialist firm, Airpets, based right next door to London Heathrow, provide the professional back-up needed to ensure safe and caring transportation for pets.

But it was while on a visit to Worldwide Veterinary Services that it dawned on Adam Taylor of Go Walkabout that one other vital factor was needed to ensure peace of mind for the pet-lover entrusting their cat or dog on a long-haul flight.

Now Adam Taylor and Go Walkabout partner Harold Lawrence have launched Pet Migration, an insurance policy tailored for owners needing to take their pets overseas.

They believe Pet Migration is the first policy in the world to offer such pet insurance.

Through underwriters URV, Pet Migration is able to offer up to £2,500 cover for veterinary fees or other unforeseen expenditure during the pet’s transit.

The policy includes up to £2,000 cover against theft of the pet; up to £1,000 in the event of the animal’s death due to natural causes and up to £1m personal liability cover.

But forget about bringing that American Pit Bull Terrier or Japanese Tosa.

There are certain breeds that are exluded from cover.

Adam and Harold have studied the market for animal transit insurance and believe Pet Migration will fulfil a heart-felt need among pet-owners.

Adam says: “I posed a question to several clients planning travel themselves – ‘Would you take your pet with you if you could get travel insurance for it?’

“They said they would jump at it.

“One told me ‘I would rather have insurance for my pet than for myself..’”

Catherine Allaway from PetAir UK said: ” I am so pleased that we finally can recommend a Pet Travel Insurance policy to give our clients complete peace of mind.

“People are so used to being able to obtain travel insurance for themselves that it always came as a great shock when we had to advise them that no such policy existed for their pets”

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